The SCC is a primarily volunteer-driven organization dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for our youth. Our activities are supported by a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)/Drug-Free Community federal grant, corporate and private donations, and various fund-raising activities.

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    Waiting on College Acceptance Letters?

    On March 13, 2015, Frank Bruni, New York Times columnist, offered readers a different perspective on the impact of college rejection letters during this maddening season.  Read one of his latest editorials, How to Survive the College Admissions Madness, and exhale…  

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    Marijuana-based Medicines vs. Medical Marijuana

    Published by the Marijuana Studies Program, a project of National Families in Action and its partners, this brief report summarizes key issues that surround 1) the science that supports marijuana-based medicines compared to 2) marijuana that is legalized for medical use by voters via ballot initiatives or by elected officials.

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    A Pain We Share

    A message from The Women’s Center:  A few weeks ago, one of our wonderful volunteers shared that her son’s friend from school had ended his own life; and just yesterday, another volunteer shared that a young adult in her family had attempted suicide. Before all the media about Robin Williams’