The SCC is an all volunteer-driven organization dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for our youth. Having graduated from our federal grant program in September 2014, financial support is fully derived from corporate and private donations, in-kind contributions, and various fund-raising activities.

Latest News

  • 9 Things Teens Want Us to Know

    9 Things Your Teens Wished You Knew

    Read Arlington magazine’s thought-provoking article on what our teens really want to say to us but often have trouble finding the words. It’s just not like when we were in school… 9 Things Your Teens Wished You Knew by Amy Brecount White

  • Crisis Link

    FCPS Adds Text Feature to Crisis Link

    Last year FCPS introduced CrisisText, a messaging tool for students and parents who need help with mental health, depression, or thoughts of suicide. It is a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental resource when you need someone to talk to. Trained crisis counselors who respond can also provide information about emergency resources in

  • Podcast: Using Brain Science To Understand The Terrible Teens

    From the September 9, 2015 Show:  Listen to Diane Rehm’s guests as they discuss the latest in brain science and how this new information is changing our understanding of the teenage years. Diane Rehm Sept 9th Podcast